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this is a literary blog. i'm literate so i must have something to say. hopefully.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

june 28th 2006

the thunder rolls , sounds like

bowling ball halls, show sanitizer.

and all of a sudden,
the sun breaks
moving like stage lights sweeping the concrete.

i'm seaweed, dead in the fishtank,
floating and moving in
the dead ripple of meditation,

my head hurts louder today.

i wish rainbows were everyday, or that my eyes
could focus on how the light bends the clouds,
to see.

sew up these wounds. oh but they always come undone again.

industrial strength thread, or
crazy glue.
the latter seems more fitting,

and then suddenly,

a torrential downpour

the street is dimmed while god washes off
the dirt
down the gutters,

and I follow behind, reprimanded.

june 29th 2006

i project below

a line that is feasible to you;

surely insanity is contagious,

it's easier to not want to be wanted around.
a past participle.

i joke about how vicious i could be,

so, it's another year or two without you.

i've done it before.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


so a few updates. Today I'm playing soccer. we'll see how that goes. Readings on sunday nights have been cancelled, though I do not know why. I attribute this to Patrick (the owners) idiocy. but what can you do.

My friend caitlin is moving to sarnia to help me out as an assistant on the press and in photography, so I see this as a great sign. we just need to find some place to live. it's only another year ppl.

If anyone reads this, there is a new thing on Sunday Nights. Hosted by Benoit and Jen Mclelland and there other friend who spins. It's at the bistro. Lots of great music while art is created. you should all come out. it's fantastic. I really love their ideas.

anyways, here are some updates on the life of mel and others.

Ryan will be moving back to sarnia for the summer and therefore I no longer have any ties to this building. no apartment. very sad to leave. lots of good pictures taken there.

Rob Mclennan is famous

New addition to our family : Sir Ferdinand the 4th of San Ria

chocolate robots shoot. (juneish)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a rainstorm happened

Friday, June 16, 2006

I felt your body pale and frailer than
I could imagine you to be.

I know that I have done this.

With my failures, comes
a result so out of context that

if I could avoid hurt

I would avoid it for us all.

But sorrow is nipping my fingers
hanging ceaselessly on
these shoulders bending and
spinning the muscles of my
back into knots of unfinished
sentences with
possible exaggerations

A careless thrust
of ineptitude isn’t always just that.

will we find the end to
and the beginning of
something definable
as happiness

would he be so generous?

And god knows I hate him
For making me.

But with such good attention
to detail
he tethers me to the earth

through the trees,

this is the only way I manifest.

in gentle good intentions

left open to the extremities.
Tortured. Always.

Yet forced to wait,
for roots to deep.

To the sky,
open and exposed
Transparent and vicious,

Yet forced to wait
for fear of pulling this whole
universe down

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Well I have arrived in Ottawa. What an exhausting day saturday/sunday/monday was. yes it was one nice long day. On saturday I saw court lajoie playing at Blackwater. Excellent as always. I'm going to be taking some promo shots for her soon, so look for those. She is great. I'll add her link to the side so you guys can hear her music.

Afterwards I met up with Iain and we hung out with our friend Tiff till late in the night smoking drugs and discussing things. Sort of a last night out kind of thing. Which was nice. Then I got little to no sleep that night and was up at 9:30 for breakfast at the Olympia with Iain. Here's a secret at the Olympia. If you order the Olympian breakfast for only $6.25, it feeds two ppl. If you're looking for cost effective, Olympia is your place. ha. oh I love sarnia. Anyways after that I had to piece together the zines to bring to Ottawa.

Then at four, I went and shot pictures with the Chocolate Robots. They were so much fun and some how convinced me to allow them to a. ride towards me on bicycles with no chains, hop a fence and desecrate a graveyard. haha. not really. just with sparklers and our bodies. The shoot went really well. I'll post some up in a few days. Ryan's monitor is failing here and therefore it is nearly impossible to edit pictures.

So right after the shoot I was ushered off to London by my parents to catch the bus here, and from 9:15pm-5:00am I was riding the exciting greyhound. I would like to personally thank the woman who sat beside me for five hours and kept elbowing me in the side. Thank you so much. Shared a joint with a girl during our stop between Toronto and Ottawa. Woke up in the city.

Finally got a bit of sleep and then spent the afternoon catching up with adam, and then ryan who I hadn't really seen as he had class all day long. Then sock ryan and I made the trek to The Bronson Centre to see Bright Eyes. I got a lot of great pictures. It was held in this old school auditorium, and they use the concerts to fund social programs in the centre. It's a really cool venue. Anyways, there were actual seats like in public school. but luckily a camera allows you the ability to sit cross legged right in front of the stage. It was a great show. Lots of energy. But my god is conor oberst an alcoholic.

Then we headed to a royal oak, had a pitcher and some food and discussed.

Now here I am. Tree reading tonight. Visitation with friends tomorrow night. If anyone is in ottawa and wants to do something, email me. i'm bored! all my friends are in summer school. :(

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I will be in ottawa the week of the eleventh to the eighteenth. that means i'll see all you ottawa folk out and about hopefully.