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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

new poems.


a greyhound down the highway

twelve hours full of layovers & sweating

men having difficulties with vinyl seats

here in this city so small I dreamt

of championing that ordeal

in sake of some inexpressible


towards you

the son,

I do not understand the math

behind gravity

why should I know this

tongue, so foreign.

my eyes are thick

your hands bigger than mine

older & full of


higher priorities

feminine fingers

that mostly are not


Snippet of sarnia & outlying areas

the deranged rapids

take bodies like a serial killer

affixing the appendages to

invisible rock embankments

divers have known of the massacre

for years

inconveniently the chemicals

from the plants are taken upstream

the boredom of corunna kills

more than even the sea.

So there is an ice cream shop

& a convenience store

baseball diamonds

the kids lean against the cement

wall of the bank and snort

coke with five dollar bills

rolled into straws.

the stoners throw rocks at

trucks off the overpass

and laugh and laugh

at nothing.


in the sense

I am being it




tidying up my words

to rows they line up

like corn with a pathway

between big enough for

myself only to wander.

Would they argue I am incomplete

this mischievous & intolerable agitation

pins me always to a ground I cannot



do bear with me as much as I must

to that ground.

without want,

but some forceful need.

clench your teeth.

if we’re going to figure this out

there needs to be pressure


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