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Saturday, February 24, 2007

HUGE UPDATE [back logs of photos/srb/justin gray/funk eh/downtown revival quartet etc.

so things have been insane the last month of my life. I'll get into that later. For now, here are the backlogs of pictures.

here is me after travelling outside in the cold, picture taking.

The people out and about at blackwater. well, the people sitting around me because i wasn't feeling particularily inclined to move. that's right. i can be lazy sometimes.

Have you been involved in an emergency? Justin Gray, Blackwater Coffee Co., Feb 23/ 07.

Funk eh, puck around, feb 23, 07
Jacob Moloy - vocals
Max Williams - bass
Dave Puzak - guitar
Tim Tanner - drums

Feb 18 '07/ walk in the cold. playground series cont.

Downtown Revival Quartet & Justin Gray's Birthday Bash, Trinity Lounge, Feb 16, 07.

SRB, Trinity Lounge, Feb 9/07

Downtown Revival Quartet @ Trinity Lounge, Feb. 2nd.

the band is: Justin Gray [guitar], wulf von waldow [sax], phil baljeu [ synth/drum machine/keyboard], Bill Thompson [bass]

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