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Monday, January 01, 2007

new years [mostly finished. ]

New Years at the kenwick building at a party w/ mostly strangers. remember that it is always helpful to have a camera.

colleen and I start off our adventure:

Colleen & chris

chris is strange.

so i'm not good with names.... .anyone want to fill these in...ahem...colleen.

colleen gets drunk:

colleen and I left the party for a bit to head over to ups n' downs to check out jen and nic playing and to see some friends, we found johnny and hijacked him and took him back to our party eventually.

jenny b.


so much argyle


nic swales and jen brace were playing at ups n' downs.

we went back to the party and I brought out the sparklers:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa Upfold
Just found your blog care of The Stardust Booklounge. Very cool. Aside from me muddling up Jen's voice with my foolish antics, New Years at Up's was a lot of fun. Fun pictures too. Bye Bye
Nic Swales

7:25 a.m.  

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