A microscopic home.

this is a literary blog. i'm literate so i must have something to say. hopefully.

Monday, May 28, 2007


prima facie.

spear with

your tongue the word that

undoes me.

quantify your prediction with calculations

from the sun

& make sure to use stiff, old instruments

callously past their due date.

gather evidence

record the letters

gather evidence

there are signs of exhaustion.

make sure to affix the label to

the finished product:

a tumor, not malignant

but one, a



product of upbringing & biology.

full of spores &

ancient sores

lined pages on arm.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

photos: may 2-4 in my backyard. fireworks.

make sure to click on the pictures and view them larger. they look a lot nicer that way.

photos of Phil Baljeu & Justin Gray in : Burning Panties & Wearing Gasmasks/ RCL COMMISSION @ blackwater

Justin Gray & Phil Baljeu of Amok Recordings

blackwater cafe.
Justin Gray & Phil Baljeu

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

oh birthday. [thursday april 26, I turned 24.] - pt 1

only two more years until i'm equal in age to the day i was born on. I used to be terrified of that when I was a kid. i think perhaps I still am.

these are posted backwards. they played music at the end. we drank at the beginning and I passed out for two hours somewhere in between.

i still have a few more to post up of the dinner with the family before hand. just ran out of time right now. enjoy these. maybe i'll organize them later.