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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Variations Zine

In March I released the first issue of Variations Zine. It is a zine that I started with in Sarnia Ontario, in order to provide artists and writers a venue to share their work, a chance which they may have been denied.

So here is a link to the temporary website for the zine: http://www.myspace.com/variationszine

I am hoping to get a pdf version of the zine up when we get the new website.

I will gladly accept any work from beyond Sarnia. I have some friends writing from Montreal and some people in Ottawa and Toronto.

the email for the zine is:

Sunday, March 26, 2006

all is left are
pieces of us
like burnt matches
in piles by my front door.

your music loiters -
staining these walls with
unfinished intentions

what once moved my soul with sighs
now spiols my nights -
feels like bullets in my side

I, clutter your life
gaunt and disassembled.

curled in cowardice
on the couch in the front room.

for impossiblity.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

later [never]

we could find a place in the
soil to build
a fortress
the stalks heave towards the west
in unison – purring their gold;
recover security
in the fragrance of
cicadas rustling
their wings in tall grass

if I guard you

then you can dream in
calmly bow your
soft head

though even the passionate grow
weary – fatigued;
after years of pursuing
invented evils
you manifest
like shadows from the
corners of this

Oh, my fingers are
not long enough to
gather your mind;
to pull my heart
out and push it into
your own.

even my fervent
attempts to do so
always fail.

can you not see

I am as wounded
as you but
you never offer
a tuck under your

you just leave me
a heap
on the back steps

Monday, March 20, 2006

now [then]

like winter
you challenge me
expect me
to plead

you froze my
eyes shut
even a chance
to weep
for stopping.

my oh
how you
delineate me
the past like
it was
a flag
you could just
set on fire

lay to waste
it was

Sunday, March 19, 2006

my friend jocelyne recommended this band, the elected. She is going to go see them in a week or so, so I looked them up. They have some pretty sweet lyrics, so here are some lyrics from some bands I like. To begin with, the elected:

a response to greed
the elected

At first it seems like a bad dream
and you can't claw your way out.
And the plea that you make so you could escape
isn't answered but you'll figure it out.
And all the nightmares you based your life all around
are now coming true.
And it's love or it's need, your response to greed.
Find a reason, count yourself out.
And in the bed where you lay or you'll drink it away.
Anyway, to just draw this thing out.
And that's just the trouble with long term goals and dreams.
They're always being revised.
But my sister still cuts her arms
and my brother's still at the garage.
And we've given all that we can, Mom,
and it's either sink or swim.
And it's high time everyone else stopped paddling for them.
And it's a song, a song for the tired ones,
a song for the sicks ones, a song for you.
It's a song, a song for the scared ones,
scared of this life ones, just like me and you.
And if the call, the call to the fight, comes.
Just call and I might run, right back to you.
'Cause I remember, yeah and I measure. I measure them all.
All against you.
That's right, all against you.

the miles till home
the elected

You finally chased the rest of them away.
You finally chased the rest of them away.
You finally chased the rest of them away.
You finally chased the rest of them away.
And the weak ones were the ones that stayed.
And the place they held before you came
changed but they acted just the same.
And the names that carried so much faith drained your tired mind.
And the best one stayed behind, watching out for open road,
counting all the miles 'til home.
And it seems you leaned on the wrong guy.
And it hurt the place you...
Held, you held within your heart.
It got erased and where it was has now gone dark.
So you left. You left without a trace.
And you never, no you never, no you never,
no you never came back 'til the last ones forgot your name.
Don't change your mind tonight.
Caught along the open road, counting all the miles 'til home,
and it seems you dreamed on the wrong sky.
You gave your last request to a firing line
and you said it doesn't matter what you do, babe.
You always feel it chasin' you and it blocks the sun from the sky.
You just wish you had more time.
You say you never win. I say that's a lie.

you'll be in the air
the microphones

you'll be in the air
in some hours you'll be over the sea
lost in the other passengers on the plane
but if you just moved your arms then you could tell
that you are in the air
you'd feel the yawning gulf grow wider
and you'd feel the dwindling fuel for your lungs
so your breaths would slow
you'd be in the air
you'd feel the hot blowing rock filled winds
the clouds of ash would fill your skies
as you smoothly glide
over the cold river basin where we spend the night
again your gaping gap is pink in foggy light
when i wake up your pet will pounce i'll meet the day
i'll be in your bed, you'll be in the air when i'm awake
can you tell that i'm down here
can you feel my hot lung wind
when you smelled my skin did you lose yourself
i'll look pinkly out your window in the fog
loud and clear i'll make out your resounding roar
you'll be in the air
you'll bear fruit, your bare feet
your bare arms in the heat
you'll be able to feel your might

red letter day. christine fellows

red letter day. i should never tell a lie. suits me like a bright red letter day. five chances in a million to where you were. i should never tell a lie. catches in my throat but i let it fly. can't put my finger on your face. can't put my finger on your face at all. slide my back along the surface i find another crack you might've slipped into, and brought yourself back again to where you were. i should never tell a lie. you were just as indistinct as i ever was. can't put my finger on your face. at all.

A Different City
modest mouse

I wanna live in a city with no friends or family
I'm gonna look out the window of my color T.V.
I wanna remember to remember to forget you forgot me
I'm gonna look out the window of my color T.V.
Through the cracks in the wall
Slow motion for all
Dripped out of the bars
Someone smart said nothin' at all
I'm watching T.V.
I guess that's a solution
They gave me a receipt that said, I didn't buy nothin'
So rust is a fire and our blood oxidizes
My eyes rolled around, all around on the carpet
Oh hit the deck, It's the decal man
Standin' upside down and talkin' out of his pants
I wanna live in a city with no friends or family
I'm gonna look out the window of my color T.V.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

new pictures

Here are a few collages I put together of some of Christian's (http://www.mastertang.deviantart.com) pictures that I edited today.
Here are some of my pictures from the last week:

Monday, March 13, 2006


In my limbs, you cut furrows
in which to sow

no, I cannot let
an infection like yours
curb this monody -
for our ties
once iron have
melted down into sand

whose tiny pebbles burrow
under the bridge -
leak into the soil of the earth.

Surely you understand that
even we must work in cycles
That flux and shake
that oxidate

and annul,

that invalidate.

So I have raised these obstacles

as battle cries.

for fear that no matter how far
I stretch
the stain of you
will never rub off.

A metal structure, such as an aircraft, in which the skin absorbs all or most of the stresses to which the body is subjected.