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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

later [never]

we could find a place in the
soil to build
a fortress
the stalks heave towards the west
in unison – purring their gold;
recover security
in the fragrance of
cicadas rustling
their wings in tall grass

if I guard you

then you can dream in
calmly bow your
soft head

though even the passionate grow
weary – fatigued;
after years of pursuing
invented evils
you manifest
like shadows from the
corners of this

Oh, my fingers are
not long enough to
gather your mind;
to pull my heart
out and push it into
your own.

even my fervent
attempts to do so
always fail.

can you not see

I am as wounded
as you but
you never offer
a tuck under your

you just leave me
a heap
on the back steps


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