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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


so a few updates. Today I'm playing soccer. we'll see how that goes. Readings on sunday nights have been cancelled, though I do not know why. I attribute this to Patrick (the owners) idiocy. but what can you do.

My friend caitlin is moving to sarnia to help me out as an assistant on the press and in photography, so I see this as a great sign. we just need to find some place to live. it's only another year ppl.

If anyone reads this, there is a new thing on Sunday Nights. Hosted by Benoit and Jen Mclelland and there other friend who spins. It's at the bistro. Lots of great music while art is created. you should all come out. it's fantastic. I really love their ideas.

anyways, here are some updates on the life of mel and others.

Ryan will be moving back to sarnia for the summer and therefore I no longer have any ties to this building. no apartment. very sad to leave. lots of good pictures taken there.

Rob Mclennan is famous

New addition to our family : Sir Ferdinand the 4th of San Ria

chocolate robots shoot. (juneish)


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