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Sunday, December 18, 2005

back in San Ria

i have arrived in sarnia. the trip was delayed two days and i just left this morning at 7am. The second delay was caused by the heavy snowfall and blizzard like conditions that fell upon Ottawa on Friday. Its an awful feeling to drag yourself out of bed at 5:45 to find that it is snowing and you can't get a hold of greyhound to find out if the buses are cancelled. However, it is the best feeling when you decide to give up and crawl back under your covers - snuggle into the pillows and forget about the snow and hail.

So this morning I woke up at 5:45 again, made the cab ride to the station and eventually arrived in london at around2:30 in the afternoon after sleeping away most of the trip and finishing Rick Moody's Garden State (excellent first novel). In london my parents arrived twenty minutes late after a delay in a wood working store. After we got to the car my mom decided she wanted to go to a craft store (yet another thrilling side trip) They disappeared inside and didn't return for over and hour and with no bags. It made me ask to myself, can knitting books really be that interesting? During the time they had been inside, I had been curled up in a ball in the backseat sleeping on a pillow and covered with my dad's and my winter coats. People kept walking past and staring it; after figuring I was crazy, they would just move on to the next store to buy more useless material objects. (yes I am cliche and judegmental and have retained a level of angst that came with the teenage years)

After arriving home in sarnia, i sat around, smoked some pot and unpacked. Made plans for the evening to go to a funk show for a band that dave is in, Funk Eh! So I sat around some more, then went with my dad to the local sports arena to pick up my brother from an OHL hockey game that he had been watching. Then my dad dropped me off (at my request) under the bridges, about a couple blocks up the street from the bar I was going to. I walked around under the bridge and smoked a couple joints ; I made a resolution with myself that I would jump off the fence that goes around the overhang between the two bridge. See, every summer all these kids would line up on the railings of the fence and jump into the rapids below the bridges. The city used to actually be named "The Rapids", so these are in fact quite dangerous. There are also a lot of rocks and things surrounding the river that a body can be slammed into by the current. But I am a strong swimmer and never have I ever heard of anyone getting really hurt; yet every summer I see girls decked out in bikinis and nervous smiles and boys ready to prove their strength. I want to do it. I've always been afraid, but I think this summer i might try. And then I might get my license. I'm a few years behind in the basic aspects of the maturation process.

afterwards I pondered my picture of the bridges that I have been working on for years ; I need to find an interesting angle at which to shoot the bridge so as to not make them cliche. After about 20 minutes of surveying the architecture and the skyline, I made my way down to the bar. Inside I met up with clarence and eventually kyle. Watched dave play guitar for the band, and met the new singer. Spent time playing chess while being surrounded by 30 and 40 somethings drunk out of their minds shaking their flabby asses to funk music. It was funny. Went for another walk - I love the air in sarnia; maybe i just miss that thickness that only comes with pollution. We stayed until dave was finished as I wanted to hang out with him and i needed a ride home. So we cruised beautiful San Ria's best Tim Hortons, made friends with the server there and some drunk girls and then listened to kurt swinghammer and bruce cockburn in the car and debated the meanings behind lyrics.

Now i'm home and i've almost successfully completed my first day back. Maybe tomorrow I'll write something. Maybe tomorrow I'll edit or take pictures. maybe tomorrow I'll sleep in.


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