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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

last night I had horrible dreams about waking up late - over and over again. It was frustrating and made it so I got little to no sleep. Oh well. I have to finish my essay this morning because yesterday I was working on it at the school and then forgot to attach it properly when I sent it to myself at home. The joys of university computers. Yesterday Ryan and I had to walk around for almost an hour to find a computer in one of the labs because they were all full. We ended up giving up and I wrote out most of the essay by hand and only at around 4:00 pm did we actually find computers to use. Carleton has lately had a shortage of computers, library books, and study space within the library. Sometimes I wonder why we were capable of funding a whole new gymnasium for our school (which we actually couldn't afford and are still paying off - I work at the alumni office where we call people to hassle them for money - though I'm not the caller) yet we can't afford to purchase the one thing that our school needs, library books. It's funny; to me one needs only professsors and library books to run a university, yet our library is the most pathetic I have ever seen.

The exam crunch is beginning and I realize that I only have a week and a day to memorize almost 90 slides for two art history exams on the 8th. great. And that's like a quarter of the work I have to do for both exams. hopefully it will go better than it sounds.


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