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Sunday, November 13, 2005

reading checkov and listening to wilco

So I am doing my english paper on Chekhov's, Lady with a pet dog. It's a short story and it is so beautifully written. He has such poetic writing, I think that's what attracted me to this story. Plus it's about finding true love in a world that does not allow for it, and trying to handle the contraditions between societal love and true love. It's quite the story. I might go into more detail about it at another time, but I need to rest on it tonight. read it.
I am listening to "how to fight loneliness" by Wilco.

Today I slept in until 1pm. Normally I wouldn't do that but I could not get to asleep until around 7:30 in the am. My head was full of pictures of british columbia that I had been sent earlier in the evening. It made me want to run away from this city and go some place new and different. Some foreign locale.

lately, part of me wants to take a year off next year and rent an apartment in Sarnia and write and make art. I could work a job to pay off some of my loans, but actually devote myself to writing. Living costs are low in that city and so I could get a reasonable place for pretty cheap. I don't know, I'm considering it. I think that being on my own completely would be helpful to me. Everyone will have left sarnia at that point. I would be left to fend for myself. I wonder how I would do. That city always welcomes me home.


Blogger Dave said...

those ads piss me off so much. the world we live in has no respect for anything. Note how they post there comments in the first person perspective. Profit profit profit...cure cancer...fuck them.

the more cancer we cure the more people that live to become spammers and profiteers. I think we should re-evaluate who gets to live or not anymore.

this stuff is getting ridiculous.

12:22 a.m.  
Blogger Dave said...

you blink and like ghosts they're gone.......

8:58 p.m.  
Blogger imagesofagirl said...

i took care of them. zapped them with my ray gun. who knew I had such power.

10:06 p.m.  
Blogger Dave said...

how do those devices operate? do they utilize the new anti-matter weapon patent? If they do, send one in the mail.

1:15 a.m.  
Blogger imagesofagirl said...

i found an evelope for the ray gun ,but it didn't fit.

11:28 a.m.  

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