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Thursday, November 03, 2005

update on my life instead of deep intellectual thoughts.

tonight is the "The Peter F. Yacht Club first ever reading/regatta". It's at 7:30/8ish if anyone wants to check it out. i'll be there, perhaps even with bells on.

first group of essays/midterms is finished. Now I have no essay due until the 21st of november. thank god. (if he exists, i'll give him credit for this one)

Now i'm spending my days editing other people's essays, working at the alumni office, and generally being lazy. Because frankly i'm worn out! Now is the time to request favours of me because this week is pretty much all i've got off and then it begins again.

Found out how to apply to OCAD yesterday, now i'm trying to figure out how to convince my grandma to let me take a loan out from her for four years instead of the bank. that would be nice and easier, and I know she can help me. I've already done the bank loan/osap thing for these four years, and if I have another four years of this, there is no way I'm going to be able to get out of debt ever. Oh the joys of coming from an impovershed family. woot.


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