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Friday, October 28, 2005

Inwords reading

Inwords reading was fun last night. Stumbled in a bit late after watching Ryan and Sock play basketball on the socialist team in the Rec League at Carleton. The socialists almost got into a fight with a team all in red. Now that would have been funny. The yelling match was enough for me. Got me all riled up to go read some exciting poetry.

I like the Avant Garde bar where the readings take place for Inwords. It's a very nice, relaxed atmosphere and the low lighting allows you to disspear a little bit. Plus they give me a seat, which means (yay) my legs don't shake and I don't almost tumble to the ground. The reading was fun, they have a lot of very interesting people, lots of diversity. Adam read his poetry because I made Ryan go sign him up without telling him. I had tried to convince him the night before that he should read, but he was tentative. I felt he did a pretty good job, and everyone seemed to really like him. So props to adam, haha. props.

I had to read right after him. It went okay. They introduced me as a published and award winning poet which was helpful because at least it made people think I was important enough to listen to. Also helpful was one of the organizers of inwords shouting out that I rock. ahh. the joys of being a twenty something. I only stumbled over my words once, and failed to pronounce the title "anaesthetize" so I told them I wasn't going to try and for the purposes of the evening it would be called Untitled. I read the poem Slut last, and well one can't just say slut outloud in front of 25 people without a little lead in. haha. especially not me. Overall it was a pretty good time. I wish we would have been able to get there a bit earlier, but one cannot expect a group of boys to attend a poetry reading without giving something to them in return ( i.e sitting through forty minutes of basketball). Next month they are going to be having Buck 65 do spoken word poetry which is pretty cool and I'm excited to go. Hopefully I'll be able to get in! I'll just stand at the door and yell, "but wait, I rock, that should guarantee automatic entrance." We'll see. ha.

Started working on my mothers case today for workers comp.. It angers me, so expect some very violent poetry about me killing NCO and LMR's and specialists and all those other fuck offs screwing her over on a regular basis.

To celebrate my friends who attended poetry readings with me, i'll link everyone to some of their exciting poetry (ie. what I like the best by them!)

plaid and earthtones
Adam Petrashek (gets first billing for reading)

the coalescence of receding and living
Ryan Brown

Scott Moynes

Last but not least, and without his approval, I have a Dave Puzak Poem


fuck you
im seizuring

behind a truck
delivering the morning paper

what a waste
what a waste

he's the friendly neighborhood raper


the man looks no older than 32
with a nice blue truck
he looks as though he's got that penny or few

a grease black hat
with those sick silent eyes
someone better shoot him while he's cold

scouting on out that bus route
for his next victim

fuck you
im seizuring
behind his truck..
what a waste


Blogger Rob said...

Yay for readings going well! :)
Maybe I'll be able to come too next time.

Commented on the China thing below.

5:54 a.m.  

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