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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


last night was the tree reading. it was interesting. i read. it didn't go awfully. better than expected really. a lot of clapping (which I don't know how to respond to). Some lady in the bathroom burst out of the stall while I was washing my hands and told me how great I was, which made me feel AOK. A lot of drinking upstairs afterwards with Rob Mclennan and a fella named Jeremy who works at the writers festival. A lot of drunken conversation. ripped up coasters by jeremy ( we all have our neuroses). Rob told me about the Oblongs and then I watched it with him and do not understand how the father can drive with no arms. but still, very funny. The night was full of interesting events, needless to say.

Tonight was Inwords launch of their monthly mag. The photo on the front (by me) looked pretty wicked even though I took out of the window of a moving car on a trip to Toronto this summer with Rob. I secretly have always liked the picture they chose, but thought it not art because of the circumstance. Anyways, they made me feel better about it. Buck 65 read. It was okay. It seemed like he needed to prepare more, and he had some stuff for show and tell but I was drunk and in the back and couldnt' see anything. I hate getting drunk more than twice a week, and then getting drunk two days in a row is not good either. but oh well. the life of a poet i guess.

Rob boosted my confidence last night about my photography. Hopefully while in Sarnia I'll actually find the balls to send my pictures somewhere. I do like them. and I am proud of them. I hope someday to find happiness in my art work, oh and money!. haha.

right now my lips are stained purple, and lord knows there is nothing I can do. My friend topher has just sent me some photographs that I get to mess around with on photoshop, so I will spend the rest of my night doing that. I am happy and thrilled. I may have another glass of wine, but can justify that because tonight I saw the person I hate the most in the entire world at the inwords reading. This kid I used to live with. He was dating my best friend and we moved in together for four months. He was crazy. Lets leave it at that. But for all you in the outside world, Imagine seeing the person who made you feel like the most worthless thing ever created. I was mad he was at something that was mine, a poetry reading! I know he was only there because buck 65 is from nova scotia and so is he. but I fucking hate that kid. I wanted to leave immediatly. It took all the strength I had not to just run. So pat me on the back.

Anyways, I am in fact leaving on december the fifteenth. if you out there want to hang out with me before then, email me, or leave me a message. I was thinking about having a party, but fear no one will come. so let me know if you will. I don't care if you know me. If you live in ottawa and you think i'm funny rsvp. haha.


Blogger Rob said...

I'm not dead. Just hiding from my assignment. Hanging out with you is a good excuse to come out though.

11:28 p.m.  

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