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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Nothing really new has been happening. I've been sick for almost a week now and so I've sort of been out of commission. I am getting my exams deferred due to this, so I will have to come back in February or January, I'm not sure when they hold them at Carleton. So hopefully my return will coincide with some exciting readings. Wouldn't that be handy.

Attended Amanda Earl's Poetic Desserts on Sunday night with my friend Adam. There were about 7 or 8 of us in attendance including Amanda's husband Charles, Nathalie, a nice lady named Michelle who I had never met before, Stephen Rowntree whom I met for the first time, and John McDonald who let me fondle his camera. It was a good time and I got to hear a lot of interesting poets whom I had never heard of before, while cramming some wonderful desserts down my throat. (yum, truffles)

The night before that I went out with my friend Rob Lee, Ryan, Adam, Sock, and Pat to have some Pad Thai at the Bangkok Noodle House. Rob ate two plates of Pad Thai! My goodness. It was quite fun there, though I did not try to use chopsticks for fear I would send the noodles flying across the room. I have been secretly trying to master them for months, practicing on Mr. Noodle by myself in my apartment.

Last Sunday, I forgot to mention that I attended a very nice party at my friend Jeremy's house. In attendance were a few people whom I had never met, as well as rob mclennan, and this nice 19 year old girl named Jessica who will be putting on a play for this years fringe festival. It was good times, lots of libations. That's where that picture came from below, where I am holding what appears to be a cup of tea, but is actually a glass of red wine. Big news for anyone who hasn't heard, I made cookies that night and left the container there, and at this point have received emails from Jeremy, rob, and Jessica about it. I'm looking forward to seeing a story about it on the local news.

Haven't been writing much lately. Hopefully this will change when I have a new change of scenery. We'll see.

Editing will soon beginning on my chapbook that will be released for the Newlove award next year. The writers festival has been secured as the release place, so that's pretty exciting. Another traumatizing reading for me! ha. Keep your calendars clear for next year so you can all come and support me.


Blogger Aberrant Academia said...

Hey Mel, I heard about the missing container. Is everything okay? I hope the container is returned no new scratches or cracks. Keep me posted on how this tribulation unfolds.

2:37 p.m.  

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