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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

lets play catch up.

So the past few weeks have been interesting.I have done a lot of things, even though I manage to hermit all day. It's going well. I am leaving Thursday at 7 in the am. That's right folks. I'll be back sometime in the new year. It's time for a dissapearing act. Save your applause. I need to be dramatic. I'm still young.

I have a lot of pictures to post of my past few weeks.

Tree Readings:
Tonight I went to my last tree reading. The last one that James and Jen will host. James does a good job at being awkward. I tried to have a conversation with a man upstairs about how the word "meh" defines our generation but I'm not sure I was making much sense. I smoked a joint before I went in beside a fire station. I hate goodbyes. Never have I been good at them. Usually why I don't say hello in the first place. Anyways, here are a few pictures I took while I was there of some of my favorite people. Beginning with my friend rob as I will always remember him, moving on to jeremy who had a party at his apartment and actually invited me and Amanda and Charles Earl who run Bywords magazine.

Party Pictures:
some of these pictures are very old. some of them are out of sequence. But they exist and needed to be filed away as memories. i figured you all might as well see.

What a drunken night with mel looks like (p.s. I am awesome in those glasses, thanks adam)

Peter, who survived a night of mel's drunkeness. good for you. you've passed.
Caitlin, lighting rob on fire.
Ryan. looking very sweaty and confused.
Caitlin: capable of being in two places at once.
Ryan brown: the red haired irish boy with a clever blazer - insane.
sock (scott moynes): will hate this picture of himself. Even though it is fantastic.
Rob Lee (again): what happens when mel gives him a whole bunch of wine. oh the power.
Robert Lee : highschool friend. Hairy man as of late. likes economics. is my arch nemesis.


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