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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It has been grey for far too many days outside. And now it has gotten cold. Cold for Sarnia at least. I couldn't deal with it tonight. Not to mention I have misplaced my hat and both sets of mittens. Oh well. I suppose I should just be happy I can actually see the road outside and the grass. I need to have some perspective. I need to be thankful that the coldest it gets here is -10. But regardless I want some sunshine. i want to go take pictures; i've been scoping the city since i've been home and i'm thinking about focusing on the insane amount of churches we have here. it's really quite ridiculous considering the population. Some of them are quite beautiful and lately i've been interesting in approaching the 'building' as a overarching theme, from different perspectives. If you don't know what I mean, notice the apartment photographs from when I was in Ottawa. I really am interested in using the sky as negative space, and focusing on my abstract shots. Oh it all sounds really ridiculous and artsy fartsy as my father would say, but whatever. I've long ago realized my whole life is a cliche.

I'm beginning to organize the layout of daves album, which is good. I really want to get that project going because I know how tedious it is. I really want it to be good so i'm trying to find the time to devote to the work but i'm tied up with so many other things. The work for the chapbook has officially begun as of two days ago. Which means, yes all you disbelievers, I got off my lazy ass and actually handed my poetry in. Yes teacher I did the assignment. and i deserve a fucking gold star. that's right. haha. anyways. That's good too. I'm looking forward to getting that project on its way. I'm also trying to organize some sort of poetry night in Sarnia and a possible poetry zine here. Which is taking up some of my time as well. Not to mention the studying for my exams in february and the unending art work I have to get done for my portfolio interviews in Feb. Lets just say I'm a teensy bit stressed out. Enough to use the word teensy.

thats right folks, we've hit a crisis point.

all bets are off when the 'teensy' is introduced into the conversation.

So we elected a conservative government. who knew Canadians would actually do that. i'm really suprised. I want to know the precentage of voters 18-24. Rob if you are reading this, go find me some statistics and report back in a week.

i have more to say but don't feel like writing in this anymore.

time to just lie on my couch and zone out in hopes of sleep tonight.

lets keep our fingers crossed. my brother has an mri tomorrow. lets hope the headaches he are having are just headaches. maybe, cross your toes too.


Blogger Aberrant Academia said...

crossed and crossed.

I share in your teensy stress, mel. Hopefully everything will come together and you'll have produced the best work yet.

6:41 a.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No stats on this election.

Various tidbits I've found say the ratio of seniors to young people voting is 4:1, and that 25% of young people vote vs. 80% of seniors. So, take that as you'd like.

More later when it gets released.


4:24 p.m.  

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