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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

winter walk. w/ observations.

it looks as though that tree had it's limbs cut off. The red is blood where the stubs are. I wondered if it must be some sort of protectant. This is just up the street from my. I watched my neighbour cut off these branches, one and then the other, each time walking to put them in his backyard. He just did it one afternoon. Out of nowhere. I've been eyeing this tree up for weeks.

This is norm perry park. I take my dog Ferdinand there sometimes. I used to watch footballs games there when I was in highschool, back in the early years where I pretended to give a fuck about things like football. I also learnt how to hit a baseball here for my first time, even though there is no baseball field. My father taught me in the soccer field.

This is a house I am afraid of just up the street from norm perry park. Really strange people have lived there my whole life and I secretly am terrified of it. My brother told me when I was little that the people in there were going to come and kill me. He told me all sorts of things when I was little. Maybe it was induced paranoia. Maybe he was just afraid too. Regardless, I squated down, and took this picture as quickly as possible and walked away for fear of getting eaten or something.

This is where the docks are. Once a man propositioned me down here when I was 16. very odd memory.
winter has come and yes I had to kneel right smack in it's cold wintery snow to bring you this shot. And that's polluted snow folks. Quality Sarnia Pollutants.

This is the grain elevator by the docks. A girl told me once that a guy went up there and brought little children that he smuggled over from the states, raped them and killed them. Apparently no one in sarnia talks about it. Do you ever wonder if these stories about your town are true?

These are leaves. I don't know what else to say. I like the grass in the picture and how crisp the focus is. nice clarity. It's at centennial park. I had to jump over a little frozen stream. I almost fell in.
the trees of centennial park, those minxes.
grain elevators and train tracks a la cliche shot.
The docks. I really liked the play on light. Cuts the picture in two at an interesting point.
My father has been telling me to take pictures of these for two winters. He was right. they are so perfect to shoot. I love that there is only one yellow one. This is at the docks too. I have a lot of pictures of them.

more to come...


Blogger trista said...

i love your photos.
they tell a story, but then your dialogue expands on it.
thank you.

7:45 p.m.  

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