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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

an update. as well as new photos from black and red party etc.

saturday night. 25th of november. isabelle played at blackwater. Black and red party at the newly reopened trinity. The Faids played ( pictures to be posted soon), nice to see people who haven't all gotten together in a while. After party at Jen's. Much conversations of trains and escape. Got home at 6am. here are some of my pictures of people. Jen is an artist, I went to elementary school with dustin and cam, and tyler rode around the country on trains and saw mythical valleys and met a lot of people. i took notes for his stories. seriously.

my internet has been broken for almost a week. it's very hard to communicate when this happens. but hopefully my father will figure out the mess of cords and i can get the rest of the photos up. goods news on the writing front, i am actually writing again. bad news on the zine front, i keep getting trashed in the sarnia observer, and being told about it by people when i go out in public. great. grandma's still in the hospital. december 5th we find out about chemo for derek. cross your fingers folks. i think december will be a bumpy ride.


Isabelle Bouffard.

dustin and cam [ and sometimes some other people. ]

Tyler Brandon telling stories about trains and valleys.


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