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Sunday, April 09, 2006

william crossed the road
his feet left
footprints of dust
in trails

the cars rushed
in periods of silence
horns would shoot
forth in a glorious
wail and send shivers up
the sidewalk

last night William had written love songs
sang their melodies through
window panes and let them float
down to the dirty low rent housings

waited for a taker.

Rosa was cautious when she heard him.

she lay awake in her bed
half asleep
dreams of couches
in football fields
and twilight interludes
hanging in midair
as an unfinished sentence

collapsed in breathing,
she lay half awake in its

was, lifted off the bed
in reluctance
but undid herself
without admitting to.


William, known for his tunnel
his insecurity

raged through the town
like a steed of horses

everywhere he went
a little piece of
bowed inside themselves


Anonymous jR said...

this is absolutely different. and so very good to see/read.

1:21 p.m.  

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