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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

last day in beautiful San Ria

It is my last night in this town. I slept my day away and woke up worrying it was going to be wasted. But instead I wrote a lot of things. A lot of snippets and half poems. I'm hoping to find one in there that is worth something.

I talked to dave today about the future of my chapbook. I'm worried about titles. I'm worried about graphics. He goes through so much of this with his albums, that he understands. The things he said calmed me down a bit. I know that this whole thing will be difficult for someone like me to do. I am such a perfectionist. My therapist says I have to get over that. I wonder if they would if they had any idea of how much one can accomplish as a perfectionist. I suppose at some point it will become debilitating. I fear that day.

I am working on finishing up my first essay of the year. It's about Mark Ruwedel, the landscape photographer. I'm glad there is such a class as History of Photography offered at Carleton. It makes me think about the future of my education. I have received some good advice from a friend attending OCAD about the curatorial program that I want to go into after I am done my history BA. It sounds like the most wonderful place in the world. A place where I can finally have some time to focus on the artistic side of me. Explore my visions a bit more. I like that I can learn a skill such as curating and I can learn how to do printmaking, photography, drawing/painting, I can do sculptures if I want to. I've never even considered the possibility of sculpture before.

My friend Chris and I (Chris is the one attending OCAD) have decided to start a zine next year when I move into the city. It's going to be art, poetry, essays. All that jazz. We will have the ability to use a printing press at OCAD and there are a lot of untapped artists at that school. I already have developed a vast resource of really amazing artistic people in my life who I think will compliment our vision well. I think Chris will make an excellent partner in crime and I look forward to working with him soon. There have also been talks of making a book of poetry/art sometime this winter. So look forward to that soon - sort of a precursor to the zine.

(this is chris watson)

I've been in sarnia for almost six days now. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the direction I want to take with my art, with my poetry. I know that life is only going to get increasingly more hectic now considering the fact that school is getting busier, that I have started a job etc. etc. I like that I have allowed myself freedom on the weekends. I am considering volunteering at the Humane's Society on Saturday and Sunday mornings, to walk the dogs. I'm worried I will get too attatched to them. But I suppose there is nothing I can do about that.

I have finally got some pictures of the Newlove Poetry Event ready to put up.

Sock (Scott Moynes) and Adam Petrashek

Ryan Brown Me looking upset about the whole event.

Southern Cross for Tex Mex and drinks with
Amanda Earl and friends.

The poet looking good and sloshed on wine.

The reading at the National Archives

Tomorrow I will be back in Ottawa and accessible. The city is waiting for my return! Oh this 'blog' makes me look so egotistical, I had to further perpetuate the stereotype.


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