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Friday, October 07, 2005

new poems: unedited.

Unknown Girl I named.

they are moving.

all of them

flailing their arms and shouting obscenities that roll off of their tongues
they materialize like soldiers.
encoded with kill! kill! kill!

and no, I do not remember being that vicious.

they are erupting again and again.

limbs just vehicles for their fury.

I, only a witness

watch from my third story balcony

as they plot to desecrate the holy land between two cedars.

I can make out her martyred frame.
body contracted and bending into the trunk -
a twig fallen from the highest parts of the tree
closest to the sky.

the slow motion movements of the strangers
pause in disasters.

pathetique can be heard in the hush
of needles in the wind.

untitiled. thursday.

in this room imprinted with warmth like Polaroid images
shot under a dusty orange lamp, your fingers slip

our fingers slip.

encircling any object
to touch like we would touch skin
if only we had the opportunity to caress

you are warmth but
only under this lighting.
a reality that,

a reality that is in sepia and
one that does not compromise the
intentions of these moments.


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