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Thursday, August 03, 2006

cantara beach

at the bottom
there is a haze that makes everything
slightly beyond reach

the lake itself is cold still
as it will be at all times
as its vastness is too
great for our feeble minds
and our weak bodies and
extremities that chill in its

we tread water to keep warm
our little legs kicking
holding our breath and opening our eyes

this game is dangerous
I can barely see
the outline of your body

the current is strong and
the cove draws me into the river

in gulps of water
I sink to the sand
and twist in the waves

as it is nearly sunset
and soon I will not be able to
feel for the surface.

I’m letting the water in

one drop at a time,
and then all of a sudden
there is quiet darkness

a loneliness in the womb.


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